Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Bank Job

Mike was putting away the last of his paperwork before closing the bank when terrorists stormed the bank. As bank manager it was his responsibility to protect the bank and its employees. They were trained to cooperate with bank robbers and let the police handle the situation: heroes in a bank robbery were usually dead heroes.

The terrorists pulled Mike from the employees when they discovered he was the manager. They demanded he open the safe. He told them the safe was on a timer and couldn’t be opened until the designated time. The terrorists started pushing Mike around when they learned he was the one who tripped the silent alarm.

Police surrounded the building. The terrorists didn’t care; they had a few tricks up their sleeve. When the terrorists stormed the bank they rolled in a large rectangular box. When the police didn’t meet their demands the terrorists said they would make an example Mike.

Mike tried to talk the terrorists out of hurting him. Without a word they pushed Mike into the box. The walls were smooth inside the box. Mike heard an increasing whir as the machine approached whatever it was programmed to do. Mike jumped from the loud crack.

The door opened and Mike stepped out. He looked down and saw his new body wearing a bra and panty only. The terrorists handed Mike a note. “You give this to the police. It will prove who you are, Becky, the bank manager, and that we mean business. Tell them, if our demands are not meet in the next ten minutes another man will be sent out like you.” The police met the terrorist’s demands in less than three minutes.

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