Monday, February 9, 2015

War Zone

Request by: NeoRock

The Runestone Federation has known peace for thousands of years under the leadership of Admiral Alexis Runestone. Paul Stone had the honor of serving on the battle cruiser commanded by Admiral Alexis, as everyone called her.

While on a peaceful mission of exploration, Admiral Alexis happens upon the Terra system. Finding no intelligent life she sets a course for the next system and retires to her room leaving Paul in charge. Alexis relaxes as her sentient bodysuit peals from her body. She falls into a deep sleep.

Paul is on the bridge when pirates attack. He knows the insignia on the pirate attack ship: his sister, Amelia! Paul engages evasive maneuvers while Amelia sneaks a shuttle to the battle cruiser and enters a locked bay door with Paul’s stolen passcode. Amelia uses the stolen floor plan of the battle cruiser to find Admiral Alexis’s room.

Admiral Alexis is stunned awake at the site of Amelia standing in the doorway. Before the body suit can wrap itself around Alexis, protecting her, Amelia pulls her laser and drills a hole into Alexis’s chest

Paul is warned of the intrusion and runs for the Admiral’s room. Seeing his sister he reaches for his weapon. “Not so fast, brother.” Paul freezes. “I don’t want to kill you. All we want is freedom from the Runestone Federation.”

In a flash of light the bodysuit snaps to Paul and seals him into the seamless suit. Paul looks down and sees he has been transformed into Admiral Alexis and his dead body lies on the floor. Paul raises his hand to his sister and points. A shimmering blue light shoots from his fingertip and cuts Amelia in half. Paul assesses the damage done and calls for security. He looks at the mirror and now understands how Admiral Alexis has lived for millennia. 


  1. Amazing thanks a lot. Hope i could continue asking for caps only when i have an idea?

  2. Any time, NeoRock. Hope I did your request justice.


  3. Any time, NeoRock. Hope I did your request justice.


    1. A older brother named Paul trying on sisters clothes after being bored?

      Paul to Alexis Runestone?
      Magic compulsory clothing?

      Something with boots?
      Brunette? Youngm

  4. Loved it. Have another idea for a request?