Saturday, February 21, 2015

New Girl in Town

Rumors started soon after Marley’s, the new corner convenience store, opened. Men disappeared all over the neighborhood and the police had no idea who was responsible. Fears grew. People started locking their doors and keeping the kids indoors.

Whoever was causing men to disappear was leaving no traces of evidence. The police had no suspects. But Larry had another theory. The disappearances started the day Marley’s opened. He also noticed that only men that bought beverages at Marley’s have disappeared. Larry had a plan. He would buy a water at Marley’s and drink it while walking around the block. If his theory is correct the hooligan would approach him. And when he did Larry would bust his beak.

The plan started well. Larry enjoyed the cool water as he turned the corner to the quiet side of the block. Larry knew it was the perfect place for an ambush. His senses were on high alert. Suddenly Larry felt dizzy. He steadied himself as he took another swallow of water. When he looked up he couldn't remember who he was. The clerk at Marley’s appeared and helped Larry to a bench. “Your name is Cindy.” Larry nodded remembering a life he never lived.

Cindy is a new girl in town. She moved in from out east. She has no family, but is a very friendly girl and fits well with the neighborhood.

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