Thursday, February 19, 2015

Committing to a Dream

Ted had a ritual he performed before checking out all the latest stories on TG captioning blogs. He loved body swap captions most, but enjoyed all the stories. And the models were so pretty. He could dream for hours.

He started his ritual by applying breast forms to his chest and picking the prettiest bra from his dresser. Then he slipped on a panty followed by silk stockings. Finding the right dress from his closet was hardest. Ted had acquired so many beautiful dresses over the years and he always wanted the prettiest dress for his caption reading. After finding the perfect dress he slipped on heels, applied make-up and put on a wig. After years of practice he looked like a real woman.

Ted sat in his favorite chair sitting prim and proper while he surfed his list of TG blogs. Oh, how he wanted to be a pretty girl like the models in the stories.

While reading the new posts on his favorite blog he noticed an ad for loans. His credit was good, not great, but good. If he could consolidate his debts it would free up some money to start the transformation into the woman of his dreams. After a few moments thought he decided to make the commitment.

Ted got the loan to consolidate his debt at a lower rate freeing up enough money to start the transformation treatment. Before long Ted changed his name to Shelly because he was no longer a man. He still loved reading the blogs, but as a woman now. No more dreaming about being a girl; he was one. Ted was never happier in his life.

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