Friday, February 27, 2015

Revenge From an Old Friend

Still steaming from the changes to their favorite TG captions and swaps blogs at Google, Tom and Jerry hatched a plan to set things straight. The guys didn't care about the blogs as much as missing all the dear friends they met in the virtual world. The people that wrote the captions were like distant friends who wrote often. Now many of their brethren disappeared like stars disappearing from the night sky.

Tom had a box of clothes from their college days, acquired from a panty raid of the sorority house. The girls found it great fun, too. A Wiccan girl warned the guys if they ever wore the clothes they commandeered after the night of the panty raid they would be cursed to walk the earth as women for the remainder of their lives.

Tom and Jerry both remembered the warning. They also knew under the present circumstances they faced could only be solved by a woman. Tom and Jerry slipped into the clothes from that long ago panty raid and felt the changes take place immediately. They boys knew the transformation would not be a curse, but a blessing.

As the transformation finished, the boys took new names: Betty and June. As women they now hatched a plan only a woman could think up. The plan was so diabolical it can’t be spoken here. But be warned people. When Betty and June put their new powers of persuasion to work Google will never be the same again.


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