Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Morning Surprise

Adam still had a hard time accepting what had happened. The Great Shift body swap affected about 10% of the people on Earth, but only a few swapped with someone out of sight. Of all the people swapped, most were either sleeping together or hugging or working next to each other. But Adam was one of only a few dozen known cases where the body swap took place with someone as much as ten meters away.

When the Great Shift happened it was quiet. People went on sleeping or doing what they were doing until they realized something was wrong. When Adam woke up the next day he found it odd he was sleeping in his sister Chloe’s bed. On his way to the bathroom he passed a mirror and that is when the shock set in.

Adam turned to face the mirror. His mouth opened as if offended, but no words came out. Deep down he found it exciting. He saw his old body walk up behind him, Chloe was always an early riser. “I got the shock two hours ago when I first got up. Decided to let you sleep.” “I don’t want to be a girl,” Adam protested. “I don’t think we have a choice in the matter. We will just have to live with it.”

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