Thursday, February 26, 2015

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Changes to Google’s blogger policies had Kevin up in arms. He had worked for years building a following and massive traffic. Now a giant corporation wanted to end all the fun because the college kids that started the company grew up and got red faced when a girl showed any skin. Well, Kevin had a plan.

Of course, Kevin could always start all over on another platform, but starting from zero again is depressing. Plus learning how a new blog functions kills motivation, especially when it is all for low traffic as the blog starts ground the ground floor. And what if policies change on the new platform? Then what?

Well, Kevin didn't just write TG captions. He lived the part. He saved every dime he had and decided to be the TG caption. He traveled to Thailand to start the real transformation. He admired the changes he saw in the mirror each day as the doctors worked their magic. He went for the full treatment. There would be nothing male left when they were done. Six months later the transformation was complete and Keira occupied the return seat on the way back to Kevin’s home.

You see, Kevin knew something all men know: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Every man has seen it in action and has stood in awe of its power. As a man enjoying the human body and writing TG fantasies, he could only see the fury from the outside. Now, Keira is in town and she is 100% woman and 200% bitch. The fury about to be unleashed is unspeakable.

I’d give it two months tops before Google has new ownership. Somehow I feel the next CEO of Google will be called Keira. God help us all.