Saturday, February 7, 2015

Love Potion

Tonya knew her boyfriend, Jack, had cheated on her. She kept the secret to herself and planned her revenge. Jack felt terrible for cheating on Tonya. She deserved better. He decided to go to the party Tonya asked him to attend with her and get the liquid courage needed to come clean. He couldn't live a lie.

Tonya bought a potion from a witch. As the party got wild and Jack had a few in him she brought out a new bottle, the one with the potion. Tonya lifted the bottle to Jack’s mouth. He leaned his head back and started drinking.

“Keep drinking, honey. Keep drinking,” Tonya encourage as Jack swallowed more and more of the passion fruit flavored drink. Jack felt a funny tingling in his body as he drank the potion. He thought it was thee alcohol. When he finished drinking he turned his head down and noticed his chest. It was an exciting few moments as Jack adjusted to his new reality.

Jack pulled Tonya to the side. “I know it probably doesn't matter anymore, but I came to the party tonight to gather the courage to tell you something.” Jack spilled the beans. Tonya shed a tear and confessed what she did to him.

“Can you change me back?” Jack asked. “No,” Tonya replied. “It’s a one-way potion. There is no going back.” “But I love you, Tonya. I don’t want anyone else!” “It’s okay,” Tonya said putting her arms around Jack’s neck. “I like girls more than guys anyway.” Jack’s eyes were as large as saucers. “I always wanted to make-out with a Lexi,” Tonya confessed. “So, from now on, you are Lexi.” Jack smiles as he slipped his hands around Tonya’s waist.

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