Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Riding Out the Storm

A late winter storm locked Stew in the house alone. Heavy snow and high winds made the roads impassable. His sister Cindy was holed up at a friend’s house across town and his parents were on a business trip. When the internet went down so did the TV. There was nothing left for Stew to do but watch the walls.

After a boring twenty minutes Stew decided to have some fun. H e always wanted to try on his sister’s clothes. The fear of being caught stopped him in the past, but with the storm no one was coming home until tomorrow after the roads were plowed. Stew rummaged through Cindy’s undergarments first. He was careful not to touch the strange objects Cindy collected. Stew loved his sister, but she was really strange when she started practicing her Wiccan rituals.

Stew found a pretty matching bra and panty set. He slipped them on. It felt so soft against his skin. He noticed his favorite dress of Cindy’s, the one with metallic thread around the center. He rubbed the fabric between his fingers before sliding into the dress. The fabric felt cool and tingled his skin. He finished his fantasy with a necklace and a wig.

Stew pranced in front of the mirror before he decided to slip on a pair of heels. For the next three hours Stew walked around the house pretending he was Cindy. Cindy’s clothing felt so smooth and soft. He loved the feel. And the tingling against his skin seemed to grow.

As the wind died down, Stew noticed a snow plow coming down the road. It was time to put Cindy’s things away and get back to his own boring life. As he passed the mirror he noticed he looked very feminine. He went back to the mirror and looked with horror. He really looked like a girl. He checked down below and discovered Cindy put a hex on her clothes. By wearing Cindy’s clothes he was transformed into a woman. When Cindy and mom and dad got home he would have a lot of explaining to do. At least he didn’t feel embarrassed about wearing a dress anymore.

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