Sunday, March 26, 2017

Medical Breakthrough

It was the breakthrough Dwayne was waiting for. Science finally could make a man into a real woman. The old method used the old parts to fashion the vagina. The problems were multiple. The vagina was always dry, sometimes hurt, and required stretching (which also hurt). The worst parts were the risk of sensation loss and if all hair was not permanently removed before the transformation would grow inside the vagina. Yuck!

Modern medicine discovered how to build a vagina (for real guys), uterus, and all the rest of the girl parts using the patient’s own cells. Dwayne could not wait to see the doctor so he could change into Angie. At the doctor he discovered it was an expensive procedure and required a few months from beginning to end. It did not matter. Dwayne wanted to be a girl so bad he would do anything to get there.

A few months later the procedure was complete. Angie could not be happier. Finally, for the first time, Angie could go out on a date and feel normal. She played all the girly games and even acted coy about losing her virginity. It was an awesome date. Now wedding bells and a baby are in the future.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


The Law of Unintended Consequences hit the TG Incorporated line of products. The fast evolving technology gained uses never imagined by the creators. Crime syndicates were the most creative of all. New superheroes created to bring crime to its knees fought back and TG Inc. products were the perfect tools to get the job done.

A new kind of cop called “superman” was the latest creation from the laboratories of TG Inc. His abilities were certainly super-human. The added strength, speed and agility made superman an unstoppable force… until the crime lords used the same technology to nullify superman.

Axel made a name for himself. Criminals feared him more than any other superman. The crime lords put a bounty on Axel’s head: dead or alive. It was later decided alive would be a better. The plan was to turn Axel into a girl as an example to all the other brave superheroes out there.

The trap worked. Axel was lured into a trap and a whip laced with nanobots and TG dust was snared around his neck. The fast acting nanobots did a number on Axel in minutes. He struggled in pain as his body transformed on the ground. Fight though he may it was soon over. Superman was gone; supergirl took his place.

The crime lords gave Supergirl a message to take back to all the other would-be heroes: Back off! Or pay the price.

What the crime lords did not understand was a “supergirl” was magnitudes of order more dangerous than a superman. They should have known better. Everyone knows hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The crime lords responsible for Alex’s transformation were never seen or heard from again. Axel was AWOL too, but an interesting girl with tremendous powers named Alexa took his place. A strange new world we live in.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Time Warp

While walking the old hills of Burlington, Ben noticed a distortion in the air. As he got closer it looked like heat shimmer and since the air was warm and humid it was an acceptable explanation. He kept walking the path enjoying the late afternoon sun.

The distorted air seemed to move as he moved and appeared to be surrounding him. It was as if he actually entered the heat shimmer. Then it really got weird as he could see silhouettes of people, people from an era gone by. Ben stopped and listened. He could hear faint voices around him.

A wave passed through the heat simmer. Ben transformed in to a woman as the world dissolved into a world from 200 years ago. The dress was comfortable for such a warm afternoon. The people were having a picnic and Ben knew he was part of the picnic. Another woman addressed him as Monica. The heat shimmer evaporated and Monica was left standing in a new world from centuries ago. A quiet calm overcame Monica as she mingled with her new friends that felt like she knew forever.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Girl Who Said Yes

Natasha and Brandon were enjoying a night out on the town. After dinner they went to a bar and had several too many. Not thinking, Brandon decided to drive home in his inebriated condition; Natasha didn’t care as long as she did not drive; she was better at playing the victim if the police pulled them over.

A crazed gang of biker chicks saw Brandon swerving all over the road and forced him to the side. The biker chicks pulled Brandon from the car while Natasha was screaming and hitting at the women to leave her boyfriend alone. Brandon slurred his words as he yelled for the women to back off. As he inhaled to give another bellar, one of the biker chicks tossed a nanobot tablet into his mouth. Brandon inhaled the tablet before he could stop.

The biker chicks waited for the nanobots to finish their job. Natasha cried as she saw her sweetheart of a boyfriend turn into a girl. The biker chicks grabbed Natasha and the new girl, Ellen, and forced them to ride bitch back to the biker hovel where they put a mini skirt on Ellen and tattooed her. It seems the biker chicks were also lesbians. Ellen was fine with that, but Natasha took a while before she started enjoying muff diving. Then they were both insatiable.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mom's Panties

When mom went on a business trip and left Hans home alone for two weeks he took the opportunity to wear her panties. The first day he went to school wearing panties. That night he slept in her silk chemise.

Hans was so excited for the weekend. Two whole days where he could wear only mom’s sexy clothes. The green matching bra and panty set felt the best against his skin. It tingled. He slept in mom’s bed, drinking in the sensation.

In the morning Hans woke to a surprise. He had no idea why he was transformed into a woman. What would he tell his mom when she returned home? The email on his smart phone chimed. It was mom. She asked Hans how he enjoyed the special treat she left in her panties. Mom knew? Mom’s parting gift: she named her little girl Rebecca and said she could not wait to return home and meet her. Now Rebecca can wear girl’s clothes all day, every day, all due to a sprinkle of TG dust in mom’s panties.