Saturday, December 31, 2016


TG Inc. finally created a solution to death as long as you are willing to be a woman. Only accidents can kill you and with the current accidental death rate of 42.7 per 100,000, you can anticipate at least 2,000 more years of life—as a woman. Maybe a lot more. And the men you know who do not change will pass after no more than a mere 100 years or so. As a woman you will know plenty of men over the millennia. Lucky you.

Charlie here was not taking a chance. He wanted to live and the price to have the nanobot treatment was worth the additions 2,000 years of life. It was only a few dollars per day for each expected day of extra life. Now Camilla has the best of all worlds: long life, never-ending youth/beauty, men who desire her and time to enjoy life for what it is. 

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