Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Treat

When Steve traveled to Panzer 11 for the New Year celebrations he was so excited he forgot to read the rules, regulations and warnings provided by the travel agency. He heard rumors to be careful about standing in sunlight. Something about the sun of Panzer 11 having similar properties to the girly light as the moon passed overhead. The worst part is you rarely see the moon in the daytime, but it is still there. And once a day a wave of girly light radiations would race across the planet. Locals knew when the wave would strike and took precautions. Even still, the population of Panzer 11 is 98% female. The 2% male population worked overtime impregnating the women before they too became women.

As he turned around to enter his room his wife let out a shriek. That is when Steve looked down and realized what happened. He stood there shocked in a matching bra/panty set. Very cute. By the end of the trip Steve had a new name: Irina. His wife learned to accept what happened. They even double date now.

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