Friday, December 16, 2016

Rescue Party

Tourists were held captive on Taurus Minor by a terrorist cell. Bathla soldiers were sent to bring the captives home safe. The battle cruiser full of highly trained mercenaries orbited Taurus as they prepared their assault.

Drop pods were loaded with munitions and men. The pods dropped into the heart of the terrorist territory. Adam was the commanding officer of the brigade. With hand signals he got the men into formation as they approached the compound from the north.

With an explosive charge the hatchway was blown in. The men filed into the structure with Adam bringing up the rear. This is too easy, Adam thought. Something is wrong. The structure was deserted. The men looked up and around the large hall in the center of the structure. Nothing. Suddenly a blaring siren and flashing red light disoriented the men as steel barricades dropped down trapping the men.

Stun guns erupted from the walls and took the entire squad out. Adam woke strapped down to a table. None of his men were around; he was alone. Machines were everywhere. Telepathically Adam was informed there were no tourist; it was a trap. Machines run this world. Adam knew he was transformed into a girl. The machine has a metal tube covering his mouth; a small tube wound down his throat.

Adam was told he is now Tracy. She could swear she heard the machines laugh gutturally under their breath. A needle danced above her while a tentacle with a scissors on the end started cutting off Tracy’s clothes. Experiments! Tracy could hear the machines as they planned on experimenting on her nubile little body. There was nothing Tracy could do strapped down. She was resigned to her fate. Her last moment before losing consciousness was, I wonder what happened to my men. Deep down Tracy already knew.

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