Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rub a Little on the Crotch

Have you ever wondered how fast TG Inc products work? Me, too. So I bought myself a bottle of activated nanobots to dip my manhood in. Well, you can see how well the product works. A few minutes ago I shed my shorts, keeping my top on, and gave it a try. Do you see any difference? It feels funny, that’s for sure. My skin feels softer and my smile tighter. I’m afraid to reach down below.

My name is Jim. Unique fantasies always filled my head. I hope I didn’t go too far. Hope? Yes, if this stuff works I’ll change my name to Hope. I can tell I have longer hair. Awesome! My chest is starting to look nice.

Those industrious nanobots are finishing their job on my beautiful crotch now. I am so wet down there. Can you believe what ten minutes did to me after dipping my thing into the jar of nanobots? Interested in trying it yourself? Here, just drop the tip of your pecker into the jar. It’s all it takes.

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