Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Modern Miracle

Scientists finally made the breakthrough the human race has been waiting for since the beginning of time: immortality. People could now live forever if they choose. The process was simple. Nano-robots were injected into the body and repaired any part of the body injured or in need of rejuvenating.

There was one slight catch. The human body defaults back to the feminine when it rejuvenates. That means small repairs are unnoticeable, but a major injury or illness will smooth out that crotch faster than you can spread your legs.

Here we see a guy who goes by the name NeoRock. You can tell by the boots. Neo had the injections because he wanted to live forever and losing his nuts was of no concern to him; he looked forward to life as a girl. Today at work he has a massive heart attack. Poor guy. A few years back he would have been a goner. Today she ended up as Shelly and has no problem walking home from work in her favorite high heel boots. We certainly live in awesome times.

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