Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Put on a Fresh Pair of Panties

It was the most awesome moment of George’s life as his wife relaxed and swallowed. She refused to go down on him because she preferred snatch over rooster. Now George knew he would have to hold up his end of the bargain.

His wife, Becky, held up the panty with her index finger and the tight dress in the other hand. George is a man of his word, and soon to be Misty, as soon as he puts on the magic panty. He promised Becky if she swallowed he would be a woman for her. Becky refused to get a divorce, but she discovered she preferred women after she gave her vow. There was only one solution.

George disrobed. He held the panty, staring at it. This thing was going to take his manhood. With a deep sign he crouched to step into the panty. Once it was firmly in place it started to tingle and inch uncontrollably. He fell back on the bed as her body twisted and turned into its new form. Then it was over. The bra, dress, and heels were on. Misty couldn’t complain. She looked hot.

Becky and Misty went slumming at the bars that night. Becky showed Misty how to be a proper woman. By morning Misty already lost her virginity. Then Becky took her hand and led her to their bed and introduced her to lesbian love. 

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