Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sleep on It

Sleep came slow and fitful for Wayne. The pressures of life created anxiety and anxiety caused insomnia which led to more anxiety, and so on. The sleeping pill industry is larger than ever with a dirty secret: sleeping pills are addictive. There had to be a better, and healthier, way.

Enter the mad scientists at TG Inc. They created the world’s only non-addictive sleeping solution. It only works on men, but there are plans to expand the treatment to women. Stay tuned. The solution has only one side effect: it turns you into a woman. Only TG Inc. could come up with such a product.

It didn’t matter anymore to Wayne. Lack of sleep was affecting his health. Giving up his manhood to live longer and healthier, plus keep his job, was worth it. I don’t know about you, but I think TG Inc. did a pretty darn good job on Wayne. Now she is Erin and the happiest girl alive. She should be. She gets plenty of sleep. Erin also looks cute as a bug as she readies for bed. Any living man would be happy to join her. It might cost a short amount of sleep, but a girl needs affection too, you know.

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  1. Love that gown she is wearing! Would enjoy having one like it! Zoe