Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Last Gift

The vortex swarm of Christmas Eve goes down as one of the biggest surprises in history. Weather usually makes the news over the holidays. The vortex swarm came unannounced. Scientists missed it (probably snookered on eggnog) so most people were unshielded.

Guys like Samson considered it the greatest gift of all time. Samson went to bed Christmas Eve unaware vortex bubbles were on the way. Y’all know what vortex bubbles do? Right? No? Okay, I’ll give you the short version. Vortex bubbles are areas of null space travelling the cosmos. Several years ago they entered Earth’s neighborhood. The null space of the bubbles turns all mammalian life female. It affects humans most. An unshielded human male is instantly transformed into a girl if touched by a passing vortex bubble.

Samson woke up Christmas morning having slept on the couch. (If he had slept in his bed he probably would have been untouched by the vortex bubble.) He couldn’t believe the red outfit he was wearing. Samson started smiling at the late Christmas gift. He realized what had happened. Those wonderful vortexes finally gave him his wish.

Kylie. Samson laughed as he said his new name. He was so going to love this body. 

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