Saturday, December 24, 2016

Criminal Attorney for Christmas

Holidays are the hardest time of years for so many people. For Bernie it was harder than most. A stupid mistake and now he needed a criminal attorney. How was he going to find a cracker jack attorney from jail over the holidays?

The attorney pulled a matching panty and chemise from her purse. “Wear this.” It was a command, not a request. Bernie stripped and put on the panty and chemise. His body twisted and contorted until he was a beautiful woman. Magic panties! “Now let’s get you out of here. If anyone asks, your name is Erica.”

The guards were more taken by the hot woman walking to the door than worrying about Bernie in the side room. The guards thought Erica was part of the holidays festivities sent to entertain the guards. Once out the building the TG Inc. attorney turned to Erica and said, “No one will know your past. You are a totally new person as a woman. It’s the holidays. Go make some man happy.” So Erica did. She had the best criminal attorney ever.

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  1. So lucky. Do you have another pair of those panties?