Friday, December 30, 2016


Sometimes a guy can’t decide if he wants to be a woman or not. Enter TG Incorporated and their newest brainchild, the town of Womanville! Womanville is a place where a young man can try life as a woman for a while. The rules are simple, everyone in Womanville must be a woman. Guys can either undergo one of TG Inc.’s temporary sex changes or go in drag. Highly skilled artists can dress any man into an awesome looking woman. Just look out for the random girly lights. To give Womanville that feel of risk and adventure, TG Inc. installed girly lights around the town. Periodically they fire and if it hits you, well, you don’t have to worry about the “being a woman” decision anymore.

That is what happened to Terry, or should I say Teri. She was traipsing around Womanville in her cute mini skirt and high heel boots when she felt dizzy. A violent urge to pee took over so she rushed to the bathroom. She left the bathroom with a massive smile. There was no need to stay in Womanville. The woman thing was no longer a fantasy; it was real.


  1. Where is Womanville? I want to visit and try it out? Thanks and Happy New Year. Zoe

  2. I want to visit it lol.
    Great cap kay. Can you arrange a trip?

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