Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sister Infection

A new rare disease struck Tammy. She was bedridden and weak from the high fever. Doctors soon discovered she was exposed to a TG pathogen. Tammy was quarantined until she was no longer infectious. Even worse, men exposed to her would end up walking out of the room a woman.

Scott loved his sister and could stand waiting without seeing her. He found a suit to protect him and snuck into her room. His beloved sister breathed softly on the bed. He ran his hand over her forehead. He started to feel strange when he noticed the seal holding the glove to the sleeve had peeled open about an inch.

The TG virus worked faster and faster. In minutes it was all over; Scott was a carbon copy of Tammy.  It was hard for Scott to adjust to life as Celine, but she got better at it each day. Tammy was so happy to have a twin sister that loved her so much.

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  1. Naturally! A proper brosis cap ~Olivia