Saturday, December 10, 2016

Work It Off

What do you get the man who has everything? Why the TG Incorporated Work It Off chair, of course. Great for the boss or any gender challenged man for the holidays. Too busy to visit TG Inc. for a day of gender transforming fun? Then the Work It Off is for you. Yes, you can own the Work It Off for the best day at work in your life!

It is easy to use. The patent pending design fits on any office chair, from the boss’s executive chair to the bookkeeper’s swivel chair. The best part is you legally get to work one day in the nude! A three minute installation even a man can do turns your chair into a nut crushing, family jewel removing monstrosity. Remember to put the clothing packet to the side for when you get off work.

Now you are ready for the best day at work ever! Disrobe and sit in your Work It Off modified chair. The chair automatically wraps around all the important areas. What used to be a day at a TG Inc. office is now done while you work!!! By lunch your co-workers will compliment you on how feminine you look. By the time the quitting bell sounds you will enjoy the rest of your life as a woman. Imagine the beautiful breasts, wider hips, and ample buttock.

You can do what Charlie here did. Spend a day at work sitting on the Work It Off and end the day as Sally. Look at the huge knockers Charlie, ah, Sally has. And think of the excitement Sally felt when she opened the clothing package to find the cute skirt. Don’t delay. Get your Work It Off today!

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