Thursday, December 8, 2016

Trade War

President Trump started a trade war with China the day he took office. No one was surprised considering his rhetoric prior to assuming his job. Tensions flared higher by the day and tourists were warned to stay out of China. It didn’t stop Americans and their attitude of exceptionalism.

Then hostilities broke out while Tim was touring China with a group. The tour bus was stopped and all passengers were taken to a secure location by what appeared to be military personnel. Then the experiments started. Tim hated the needles they stuck in him. The needles were inches long.

Tim noticed changes to his body immediately. His skin softened, his body shrank, and he started sporting an hourglass figure. Then it was over. He was a girl. They named her Su. She is a pretty little American with an attitude. An attitude knocked down a few notches when she was put to work satisfying the military men who captured her and the tour bus.

1 comment:

  1. Better a trade war with china. Then Clinton have a real war with Russia. Have you forgot about the no fly zone. I guess you have.