Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Crazy Girl Dream

I can’t shake the feeling I am in a dream. It sounds strange, but I wake up and I’m, gulp, a guy. There is no way it can be real. I am not a guy; I am a girl!

I take more sleeping pills so I can sleep again. The lust for sleep is so strong. It feels so weird having guy parts. How can this nightmare end? What can I do to get back to reality?

In the real world my name is Alexandra. I work in a group called Crazy Girls and entertain men for a living. Somehow I’ve been punished and made a man. I can’t live this way; I have to get back. Only when I sleep do I re-enter my real life.

Damn! Sleep eludes me. I wash down the sleeping pills with vodka. Lots of vodka. Two hour later I still can’t sleep. I pour a handful of pills into my palm and toss them in my mouth. More vodka to wash down the bitter pills. I breathe deep and lay back.  My chest begins to pound. Sharp pain rips my chest like a 10 ton weight pressing down. Then I drift. Sleep is coming. Or death. No matter. Sleep or death is all the same. When I leave this god forsaken world I go back to my real life where I am happy, where I make people happy.

As soon as the pain stops I am back in my sunny world with my friends. I am a girl again, wearing a pink mini and black t shirt. I hope I never wake from this world ever again. I don’t mind a guy between my legs, but to be a guy between my legs is gross. I look over at a co-worker and give kissy lips. Life is good.

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