Friday, December 11, 2015

Sissy Challenge

Randy had a secret so well hidden even his family did not know. Whenever opportunity arose Randy took the chance to cross dress. Nothing big, mind you. He might wear a pair of panties to work or pantyhose under his slacks. A few times he went all out and spent a whole day dressed as a woman in a hotel room.

As luck would have it, Randy ran across a book of sissy assignments. Just reading the progression to full femdom made him rock hard. He allowed time for his manhood to settle down, then bought the book. At home he read the book beginning to end. He started to sweat with excitement; he would do it.

The first week he had to wear panties all day, all the time; even to work. Pantyhose was added the next week. Then the challenge demanded a full body shave. By week four he was in a bra, too. It went too far so fast he was addicted. By week 16 he was impossible to tell apart from a real woman. There was only one magical challenge left; a full transformation. TG Incorporated was willing to help. Magic panties did the trick; Randy is now Roxanne.

And since you are reading this story you must be a sissy, too. Your first assignment is to buy a week supply of panties, put one on and shred all the boy underwear you have. There is no going back. And for week two you will. . . 

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