Monday, December 7, 2015

Harold Adjusts to the Modeling Job

Harold surprised himself as he adjusted his hair in the hallway. The modeling job was the best paying job he ever had. The hours can be brutal, but the perks are unreal. As Pamela, Harold is pampered all day long. Her nails and hair are always perfect as makeup artists are always a few steps away.

Walking and looking pretty is harder than you think. A desperate need for cash forced Harold to apply for the job. He hoped he got the male modeling position. When he was offered the female modeling position he almost passed up the opportunity. Now Pamela walks like a perfect woman for the clients. After fifteen hours a day it turns into work. Nothing is free.

His girlfriend couldn’t handle the change; she refused to kiss a girl, even if it was a transformed Harold. It hurt at first, but Pamela fell into the lifestyle fast, sans girlfriend. Before long the photo shoots and other gigs poured in, along with the money. OMG! The money! And when the money pours in so do the new friends. Pamela refuses to return to her old life even though she has the money now to do so, and retire. Why? Because Pamela has a boyfriend. And the perks of the job! It is hard to give up all the pampering. It really is good to be a girl.

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