Saturday, December 5, 2015

Bikini Ready

Larry was embarrassed to walk outside with anything less than a full suit of armor covering all 316 pounds of his bulk. It looked more like a tent than a suit. Larry is a big guy with a secret. He likes to wear girl’s clothes; he likes to wear panties; he likes to wear a bikini.

At 316 pounds a bikini does not look good on Larry. TG Inc. promised Larry an answer sure to make him happy. Magic panties were just the ticket. They felt good and fit nice, Larry thought. He thought differently two hours later. Not that Larry cared. His body shrunk to a perfect size 3-4 and weighs 112 pounds.

Sounds like Lana (Larry’s new name) is bikini ready for an awesome winter vacation to Jamaica. Lana had to brag to all her friends on Facebook by posting a selfie. The best thing about TG Inc. is that when they turn you into a girl you always stay a young, athletic, beautiful girl. Can life be any better? Of course. Lana now needs a boyfriend to go with her to Jamaica. Losing her virginity in Jamaica would be the best day of her life.

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