Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bashful and Shy

Hunter was bashful and shy when he came home from the wife swap at TG Inc. As his wife Erika he felt so… well, exposed. It was also hard looking at his body walking around the house lusting after him. He felt vulnerable as a girl.

Erika demanded he put on the pretty strawberry panty and bra he liked seeing her wear so much and then took a picture as a keepsake for the family album. Hunter knew what was coming next. He swallowed hard which is probably the wrong word to use in this situation. Erika led her body to the bedroom where Hunter would learn what swallowing hard was all about. Then they worked up to the real McCoy, you know, the big nasty. It felt awesome as her body opened and enveloped Erika.

Erika wasn’t done abusing her body with Hunter in it until after midnight. The next morning Hunter understood what morning sex meant from Erika’s perspective. The rest of the week before the switch-back was long and hard. Hunter learned to walk in heels and a mini skirt. He also learned what it is like when you are a woman. Guys are always gawking and staring while other women are sizing up the competition.

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