Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Covered for the Holidays

Getting an auto insurance quote became impossible after a DUI for Anthony. Desperation set in as he needed insurance (the judge required he prove he has insurance or into jail he goes) to drive to his job. Every local insurance agent turned him down. They just didn’t want to take the risk with Anthony on their books.

Once all the local insurance agents denied him he turned to online insurance companies. The quotes were all out of his range until he found a company willing to insure his auto at a price he could afford. A SUBSIDIARY OF TG INCORPORATED. Hmmm. TG Inc . is into everything now, Anthony thought. When he submitted his quote the phone rang. TG Inc.! That was fast.

It wasn’t long before Anthony was Chrystal. It was the holiday season and he wanted to go out and celebrate. Now he could . . .  as a girl. All because TG Inc. gave him a chance. Chrystal felt like such a lucky girl. 

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