Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sissy Assignment 1

Time to start a new series. Since many of you visiting are budding sissies I’ve decided to start a sissy assignment series. Consider it a sissy challenge for those this close to making the jump. By the time the series is done you will walk into a TG Incorporated office of your own free will to complete the transformation process. (Yes, TG Inc. type companies exist today.)

This series will have an installment about once a week until I transform you into a full-fledged sissy. It is important you follow the directions exactly. Trust me, when I am done with you you will look exactly like a girl, prim and proper. The best way to full sissyhood is to take small steps and make them natural.

Are you ready for your first sissy assignment? Great! Today is the obvious first step. You need panties. You need to wear panties. Here is what you will do. You will buy 10 pairs of panties, one for each day of the week and a few extra for when you do laundry. Buy the panties at a local department store. Ask the prettiest sales girl to help you. Measure yourself so you get comfortable fitting panties. If you are too much of a sissy you can buy the panties from Amazon, but you will miss the thrill of buying panties in public.

You will wear panties 24/7 until the next sissy assignment. Do not take a shortcut. Wear panties to bed, to work, everywhere. Wear a clean new panty every day. Ready? You better be. Soon you will be a girl, like me. I can’t wait for you to join my team, sissy. I think you will find panties more comfortable than anything you ever wore before.

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