Monday, December 28, 2015

First Home

The house was the best in the area and at a price Owen could afford. It was a “bad” part of town and Owen knew it. The price was too much to pass up, however. If Owen were ever to break away from renting he would need to make sacrifices and this house was the perfect opportunity.

The short days of winter required Owen to walk home from the bus stop after work. Only in his new home for three months, Owen has become comfortable in his environment. The pitch black early evenings of late December make Owen’s neighborhood no place to walk alone. He did anyway. Soon the local gang noticed Owen’s pattern and carelessness. A plan was hatched and Owen was snatched.

In a black market lab Owen was forced into a nanobot bath. Once the process was complete the new Owen, aka Mary, stepped out. The gang made it clear Owen owed dues to remain safe in the neighborhood. The gang had a job opportunity to replace Mary’s old job. With the new job Mary got to sleep in late, but walked the dark streets late every night. It was a relationship that served all parties well.

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