Sunday, December 6, 2015

Little Girl's Dream

“I can’t wait ‘til I grow up,” little Danny muttered under his breath. His sister was so cool and pretty when she practiced her dance. Mom told Danny the dance is only for girls. “Unfair,” Danny screamed, storming off. Life is cruel for little boys looking to spread their wings.

Danny walked off into the woods next to the studio dad built for Katie and her dancing. Mom and dad both hated when he disappeared. Danny didn’t care; he needed time to fume again. Why does Katie get all the attention, Danny thought. He sat down and leaned back against a small aspen, buried his face in his hands and started crying.

“Why the tears, young man?” Danny was startled by the voice. A pale woman in a long white flair dress stood before him with a glow. Danny is not scared. He tells the woman his problems and she listens with a soft smile the entire time. “So you want to be a dancer?” Danny nodded. “Like your sister, Katie?” Danny nodded again. “Well, I can make your dreams come true, Danny. I am your fairy godmother. Do you know who that is?” Danny shook his head. “It’s okay. It only means I can give you your wish. Now, close your eyes tight. When I tell you to open them you will be a girl, exactly like Katie. Then you can dance every day.” Danny smiled and squished his eyes tight.

When Danny opened his eyes he was so happy. He was a girl! “We need to make sure your family knows who you are, Danny. And we can’t call you Danny anymore, can we?” Danny shook his head. “I think we should call you Beth. Do you like that?” Beth clapped her hands and jumped on the balls of her feet. “I will come with you to explain to your parents and Katie who you are.”

Beth loves dancing every day. She falls a lot as she is only starting. No matter. It feels so good to dance and twirl non-stop. And as for being a girl, Oh my God! People actually pay attention to me, notice me, care about me now, Beth thought. Beth is the happiest girl alive.