Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Tart

Ron loved the feeling of Christmas. The warmth of the house, the colorful lights and the time he spent with his girlfriend, Rhonda. Rhonda accepted Ron’s secret desire to be a woman. She knew Ron loved her even though he has such thoughts.

His clothes no longer fit. As a petite woman his clothes sagged over his body, or should we say, her body. Rhonda was so excited when she saw the excitement on Ron’s face. She handed the second package to Ron. He opened the package more carefully in case there was another surprise. Instead, Rhonda had a set of clothes for Ron, complete with pantyhose and makeup.

Ron broke down in tears as Rhonda told him her name was Erin now. Erin rubbed between her legs to make sure this was all real. Rhonda promised to stay with Erin. Christmas love was in the air. Rhonda and Erin felt the Christmas spirit more than anyone in town. They make a beautiful couple.

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  1. Wonderful cap kay. Think you can please do a compulsion cap with a pair of boots, for christmas?