Friday, December 4, 2015

Aptonym — Lady of the House

Drew wanted to go to dress up day at the mall. It was a day for people to be crazy and people would be okay with that. Guys generally went as women and the women either dressed as old men or women from a past era. Not everyone followed the traditional, but most. Drew is a traditionalist and a horny guy always looking for a chance to dress up as a girl in public without fear of ostracism.

Drew spent the time necessary to look exactly like a woman. He wanted to forget his old self and be a real woman for a day. He loved the feeling of the stockings as he pulled them up his legs. The dress fit perfect and the breast forms were the perfect touch.

Drew changed his name to Lady for the event. As the day woreon Lady felt more and more womanly (like a lady) until he couldn’t feel hismanhood anymore and his breasts felt real. A fleeting thought crossed Lady’s mind, a word: aptonym, a word you don’t hear very often. An aptonym is a name that also describes your profession. In this case Drew felt like Lady. What Lady did not know is the mall installed girly lights to help a few of the local cross dressers become their dream.

Lady became a lady of the night once she realized what happened. It was the best thing that ever happened to her. The girly light lottery she never knew she entered made her a winner big time. The moral of the story: if you ever get a chance to dress as a girl, DO IT, and pick the right name. It makes a difference.

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