Saturday, December 12, 2015

Turn the Paige

Purchasing TG dust requires a permit and a background check. The government feels TG dust is too dangerous to be unregulated. Floyd’s neighbors are a prime example of why TG dust needs to be restricted.

A windstorm blew part of Floyd’s roof off and into his neighbor’s yard. It took the insurance company a few days to get contractors to remove the debris. The delay caused Floyd’s neighbor to become bitter at Floyd even though there was nothing Floyd could do about it.

His neighbor started to plot revenge. He found TG dust on the black market and pumped it into the ventilation system of Floyd’s home. Unaware of what was to befall him when he got home, Floyd walked right into the trap. After washing up he took a nap before dinner. When he woke up his whole world had changed.

Floyd had the last laugh, however. What his neighbor didn’t know was that Floyd took every opportunity he had to cross-dress. He had plenty of outfits to choose from for his new body. Floyd enjoyed a light dinner and then planned a night out on the town as Paige.

When the pleasant evening was over, Paige checked her ventilation system to see if any TG dust residue remained. Luckily there was. She carefully gathered the remaining TG dust and placed it where the ventilation system of her neighbor’s home would suck it in when it turned on. Looks like the neighbor will have more to be bitter about. He can always borrow a dress from Paige. She has plenty.