Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The New Girly Girl

Friday night cards are a tradition in Brenton Grove. Terry Bower and his friends have been playing poker on Friday nights for going on twelve years now. Cigars, foolish talk and strange bets soon followed. Three weeks ago a guy lost his truck at the table and another guy bet his wife and lost. His wife was less than amused when she had to spend a night in bed with a guy she never met before. Okay, she was good about it within two, maybe three minutes tops.

Tonight the card game took a turn like no other. Inspired by the TG Incorporated office recently opened in downtown Brenton Grove the bets progressed to a logical conclusion. First Terry lost a bet and had to sit at the table the rest of the night as a sissy. The jokes grew more crude after that and Terry’s game got worse.

Terry was a good sport about it. The guys stopped the card game on the spot and took Terry to the TG Incorporated office to pay his debt. The guys laughed as Terry’s body was transformed into the woman you see here: Samantha. What the guys didn't know was Terry did not lose. Terry is now the person he always wanted to be and his card playing buddies paid the bill to give it to him.

Friday night cards continue. For the first time ever a woman sits at the table. Every guy keeps betting Samantha a night in the sack and she takes those bets and pays everyone off with a smile.

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