Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Paying Off the TG Inc Debt

TG Incorporated is not a cheap place to visit as Don can attest. Fortunately, TG Inc. is a progressive company with a variety of methods for paying for your dream transformation.

There are a lot of reasons a guy visits TG Inc.: loss of a loved one; desire to be someone else; unhappy with the hand life dealt you. For Don, it was always simmering underneath. He dreamed of living his life as a woman, but it would be too hard on his friends and family. Then a freak car accident took the love of his life. It was time to leave the pain behind and start all over.

He wanted the cheapest, fastest, most painless transformation possible. The kindly young woman at TG Inc. convinced Don he wanted to make the transformation more personal than a quickie sex change. Don had no resources to fight anymore. He allowed the woman to help him choose a transformation he would be proud of.

Money is always a problem. Good thing TG Inc. has contingency plans to help those in need. A TG Inc. transformation with training adds up to nearly $4 million. The monthly payment is $101,574 for 5 years at 18%. Becky, Don’s new name, had no idea how she would pay for the services. Becky could see she was pretty enough, but what job pays almost $4000 a day for 5 years? Then the light went on.

TG Inc. helped Becky understand the contract, as if there was any going back. She would receive one week of training followed by 5 years of servicing patrons, if you get the drift. Becky would earn $300 per service call. All the men were provided at the club where she would work. Becky’s head was spinning as she realized she would handle an average of 15 customers per day. Her client list would exceed 25,000 at the satisfaction of her loan. Wow! Becky smiled. She might as well get to work. Her customers won’t service themselves… ah, forget the last part.

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