Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pay Up Or Else

Conrad did not heed the warning when moving to Terkan III. The rules on this planet are different from Earth. He was warned to never do business with organized crime. Conrad did not listen. On Earth he built a profitable business working with organized crime selling certain psychedelics. It was the only way he knew how to do business.

Now deep in debt to the local mob and still building his network, the mob wanted their first payment. Conrad explained he had not started selling product yet. Then the mob explained how things were done on Terkan III. Three hit women were sent to Conrad’s apartment to collect. Of course, he did not have the money; it was deployed building infrastructure to sell the psychedelic spice. The women were all mean when they pointed their guns. Conrad threw up his arms in a desperate attempt to shield himself. And. . . nothing.

There was no sound, no gun shot. Conrad dropped his hands and realized he was shot with girly lights. The tough women told him her name was Lindsay now. Lindsay just laughed at the tough women as he sat in the chair extending her leg skyward with high heel. “You think this affects me?” Lindsay was cocky, now that she didn’t have one. “Truth is I always wanted to be a woman.” Then the hit women gave an evil smile and told Lindsay what she would be required to do with her new body every day, many times a day, for life.Lindsay’s smile never wavered.

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