Thursday, January 12, 2017

No 1 Cares

After the trauma wore off Scott tried to tell anyone who would listen. He had a tall tale of alien abduction and experimentation. It was all too much to believe. Nobody believed the hysterical woman. They named her Jane Doe until they could learn more about her.

The doctors felt it would be best if she remained hospitalized until she settled down. Interns made Jane the laughing stock of the mental ward. The only clothes she had to wear were what was given her by the hospital. The shirt said it all. Nobody believed her story.

Jane tried using logic. She gave details about Scott’s life and told the doctors he was missing. Yes, there was a missing man in the area, but police believed he was lost in the heavily wooded area and was probably dead, never to be found. Jane had to make a decision. If she were to ever have a normal life again she would have to accept what happened to her and play along with the doctors. It was not hard. Surprisingly she adjusted to the feminine lifestyle well.

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