Saturday, January 28, 2017


The Law of Unintended Consequences hit the TG Incorporated line of products. The fast evolving technology gained uses never imagined by the creators. Crime syndicates were the most creative of all. New superheroes created to bring crime to its knees fought back and TG Inc. products were the perfect tools to get the job done.

A new kind of cop called “superman” was the latest creation from the laboratories of TG Inc. His abilities were certainly super-human. The added strength, speed and agility made superman an unstoppable force… until the crime lords used the same technology to nullify superman.

Axel made a name for himself. Criminals feared him more than any other superman. The crime lords put a bounty on Axel’s head: dead or alive. It was later decided alive would be a better. The plan was to turn Axel into a girl as an example to all the other brave superheroes out there.

The trap worked. Axel was lured into a trap and a whip laced with nanobots and TG dust was snared around his neck. The fast acting nanobots did a number on Axel in minutes. He struggled in pain as his body transformed on the ground. Fight though he may it was soon over. Superman was gone; supergirl took his place.

The crime lords gave Supergirl a message to take back to all the other would-be heroes: Back off! Or pay the price.

What the crime lords did not understand was a “supergirl” was magnitudes of order more dangerous than a superman. They should have known better. Everyone knows hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The crime lords responsible for Alex’s transformation were never seen or heard from again. Axel was AWOL too, but an interesting girl with tremendous powers named Alexa took his place. A strange new world we live in.

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