Monday, January 9, 2017

Brain Change

The latest fad among newlyweds is to undergo a brain change after the wedding so the couple can spend a few months as each other to understand their viewpoint. Randy and Pam loved the idea! The day after the wedding they went in for surgery to have their brains swapped into each other’s body.

Randy could not get enough of Pam’s body. Before long Pam was asking Randy to go down. It was strange taking his own love stick with Pam’s mouth. What surprised Randy the most was when he swallowed at the end.

Randy started to see himself as Pam. Spreading her legs was fun while she was pushed into again and again. Then it was all over. It was time to return to their own bodies. The doctors ran a few tests and discovered Randy and Pam had a rare complication that will prevent them from switching back. Pam and Randy just smiled at each other and laughed. It was like they were this way their whole lifetime. Pam could not wait to get home and get on her knees, look up into his old body’s eyes and go deep.

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