Monday, January 2, 2017

The Perfect Body

Gender reassignment surgery was the last step for Marc to finish her transformation to Alexis. The decision was a long road. For years Alexis lived as a woman, but hated her body when she went to the restroom or had to unclothe. Not all her friends understood either; family was the hardest. Alexis’s wife, Wanda, had the hardest time. She cried a lot at first, but refused to stop loving her husband. Alexis loved Wanda, too.

Alexis finally decided it was time to make the change. First came hormone therapy (it takes up to two years to get all the testosterone out of the system), followed by several surgeries. The hormones sometimes caused soreness, but the surgeries hurt. Healing had two pains: the pain of physical healing and the pain of waiting for the surgical changes to fully develop. It always seemed like the surgeries failed at first. Then her body adjusted and the feminine beauty came out.

Gender reassignment was the final step. By this time Wanda had come to terms with her husband’s choice. Wanda accepted she now has a wife and that sex would be lesbian if she wanted any at all. She wanted. It took adjusting for all parties involved. Love won out. Marc finally had a body she loved and knew was right. Her relationship with Wanda was better than ever before.

Once the transformation was complete Alexis wanted to condition her body. She was surprised at how her body responded to exercise and lifting. As Marc she could build muscle fast. It wasn’t as easy as a woman. A part of her mind wanted to lift like she was still a man. Alexis also had to focus on different exercises to get the results she wanted. She focused on squats to get a stronger, more round butt—something Wanda was attracted to. Alexis worked hard to please Wanda. Alexis loved Wanda very much.

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