Wednesday, January 4, 2017

How Long Would You Last?

TG Inc. started a study to see how long it took guys converted into girls to be sexually active. The study ran for three years. The results were astonishing. It took on average only three weeks and two days for these women to end up on their back. Fully 98% of the women acted in a promiscuous manner a year later.

And then there is Harold. Harold wasn’t even interested in changing into a girl when a freak accident required the change to save his life. Since TG Inc. technology is so advanced (you walk into the place before noon and go home a fully functional woman by dinner) you can hit the sheets the same day. Something snapped when Harold became Zelda. A deep hidden lust burst forth. Zelda was the record holder of the study, going to bed with a man less than 20 minutes after she left TG Inc. And she hasn’t slowed down yet.

Now here is the real question. If you were a TG Inc. client, how long could you hold out? Are you average? Or a bit like Zelda? There is only one way to find out.

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  1. Totally thought that was going the other direction with how demure she looked! ~Olivia