Saturday, January 7, 2017

Conference Call

Brandon has a sissy fetish. An opportunity at work allowed him to spend a week in a hotel alone while he attended a conference. The plan was set. He visited the TG Inc. online store and bought all the clothes he needed for a perfect week as a sissy. He added panties to the cart first, followed by pantyhose and bras, and then he added a pair of high heel boots, a skirt and blouse before finishing the shopping trip with a wig and makeup and lipstick and sleepwear lingerie. It would be so awesome!

At the hotel he started the fantasy as soon as he entered his room. He watched the Prom Girl hypnosis video on YouTube (available below) to set the mood. By the end of the third viewing Brandon had transformed into the beautiful Natasha. He pranced around the room prim and proud. He felt completely like a girl.

By day three he noticed something was wrong. His body was changing. He kept dressing like a girl as he started reading the packages the clothes came in. He accidentally ordered clothes from TG Inc. infused with TG dust! By the time the week was over and it was time to go home there was nothing left of Brandon; only Natasha was left. What would he tell his wife! All Natasha could do was go home and tell the truth. Natasha prayed his wife was also a lesbian.

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