Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Roommate Sister

Finding the right roommate in college is hard. Brendan and his sister, Maggie, found a house for rent off campus. There was no risk of rowdy roommates ruining their college experience. As siblings, Brendan and Maggie got along well, even teasing each other. They never fooled around and respected each other’s space.

College has times of stress, especially around exams. To release the stress Brendan and Maggie dared each other to take chances. For example, Maggie dared Brendan to dress like a woman for a week; he could wear her clothes. Brendan took the challenge. He thought it would be erotic to wear his sister’s clothes for a week.

On day three Maggie slipped a pair of magic panties in the drawer for Brendan to wear. It did not take long for Maggie’s clothes to fit Brendan better. Of course, Brendan protested. Maggie just said she wanted a sister and best friend living with her through college. Brendan, or should I say Macy, would fill the role perfectly.

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