Thursday, January 5, 2017

Make a Sale

The perfect opportunity for Barry to live out a lifelong fantasy fell in his lap. His boss is a hot young woman who gets off on guys dressed as sissies. She also knew about Barry’s fetish. So the boss announced a competition among the sale guys: whoever sells the most this month will get a complete makeover and can walk around the office and live life like a woman for a week. Barry was all over that.

You would be surprised how many guys secretly have such a fetish. The competition was tough. In the end Barry did what he had to do to win.

True to her word, she brought in the best makeup artists to turn Barry into the prefect woman, Carol. Carol had the best week of her life. She lived the role at home and work. By the end of the week she had a hard time discerning if she was even a guy anymore. It all felt so natural. Then Carol went to the restroom and discovered her boss’s little secret. She actually turned Barry into a real woman. No more pretending. Carol had to know so she asked her boss. Nanobots! Of course. Magic panties infused with nanobots. Isn’t the modern world a great place to live? As a woman.

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  1. Some guys have all the luck! zoe