Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Now What?

Brad always wanted to travel to Selban III, a planet near the fringe of inhabited space. Selban is known for its exotic vistas and deep azure sky. There were a few risks traveling to Selban, however. The planet is in a known pathway of vortex bubbles in the region. The low population of the planet means there are few shelters when vortexes show up unannounced.

Brad booked passage anyway; it was his dream vacation. He stayed in the city the first few days where more shelters were available. The great news was Selban was in a lull; it had been weeks since a vortex hit the planet. He planned a day at the natural history museum to get ideas of what to visit on the planet. As he walked up the stairs he was hit by a vortex bubble. It was a small bubble as far as vortexes go, but big enough to wipe out Brad’s manhood.

Brad sat on the stairs of the museum and took a deep breath. He had a plan if such an event took place. He would change his name to Marie and go ahead and enjoy his vacation anyway. The neat thing is over 80% of the people on the planet are female. Accidents happen even to the local. Marie fit right in.

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