Saturday, January 14, 2017

College Set

The school trip to another planet was the greatest excitement Scott ever had. The best part is so many worlds, including Simptuc Prime, encourage men to reveal their feminine side while visiting. The professor encouraged the boys to wear a matching bra and panty on Simptuc. The girls started calling the clothes the boys wore the “college set”.

The trip was awesome. Scott spent an entire month as Tori. The girl clothes started to feel normal within a few days. By the end of the class trip Tori felt melancholy over going back to her old life as Scott. TG worlds like Simptic Prime understand how boys feel after a visit to their world. They have a perfect solution. And it is included free when you visit their world!

Tori is a real girl now; no more playacting cosplay stuff. The transformation was real.  The adjustment went easy. It felt so natural to Tori. Deep down she knew she was always a girl; it just took the right circumstances to drown Scott and reveal Tori. She now looked forward to her graduation party. She had the cutest dress already picked out.

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  1. oh Kay.....what a great transformation from Scott to Tori!!!! I would give anything to look like Tori! And to wear such a beautiful bra and panty set! Please, see what you can do for me!!!! Zoe