Monday, January 23, 2017

My Favorite Lottery

Technology causes unintended consequences. The ability to choose the gender of your child is one such technology. When parents could finally choose the gender of their baby they overwhelmingly chose boy. The dads were the ones responsible for the decision most often. With so many boys there were not enough girls.

TG Incorporated was perfectly positioned in such a world. Governments around the world started budgeting funds for mandatory BTG transformations to balance the genders and reduce tension for the men. Lotteries were set up in each country to determine who would become a girl. Volunteers were taken, but a large number of men still needed to be turned into girls. And TG Inc. was working overtime to remove the extra part guys have.

Craig is the latest winner of the lottery. He never wanted to be a girl, but is now enjoying her new life as Peggy. She had a hard time adjusting at first. Then Peggy met a special someone. A guy. The attraction was instant. Now Peggy can’t see herself as a boy anymore. She feels so lucky to have won the lottery. 

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