Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Captain Altair goes by many faces. Bart knew this all too well. While trekking the Zemeloo Hinterland he happened into a chance encounter with Captain Altair and her squadron. After a brief disagreement Bart was impressed into service.  Captain Altair needed a ruse and Bart would fit the bill perfectly.

Bart was cuffed and led back to the ship where a quick surgery and nanobot bath turned him into a woman. A few days of feminine training turned Bart into the perfect belly dancer/girl/diversion for Captain Altair.

Captain Altair had Bart’s brain reprogrammed as Maxine. From a distance he would be confused as Captain Altair. Captain Altair would use the moments of confusion to free the captured President of Mentaldo.

The risks to Bart, I mean Maxine, were significant. Good woman that he is, he performed his duties heroically and lived. Never even received a scratch. The President of Mentaldo was freed by Captain Altair and her heroic soldiers. Maxine, unaware she was ever a dude, fought like hell to stop the transformation back to Bart. And she won, breaking free and running like the wind. Captain Altair ordered to let him go. Captain Altair said, “He is happier now as Maxine. Let the poor guy enjoy his life.”

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